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N3248A SystemVue

1   Day | Classroom Training | Where & When

Course Overview

This course teaches the basics of using SystemVue for digital signal processing and system architecture design. For this one day class, the focus is on the Data Flow simulator for DSP design.  The user interface is explained and the analysis setup and plotting of data are practiced through lecture and lab exercises.

What you will learn

  • SystemVue Basics
  • MATLAB Script™ and Signal Types
  • Modulated Signals
  • EVM, BER and Sub-Circuits


Engineers who create DSP circuits and system architecture designers

Course length

1 day

Course format

The course combines lecture presentations with instructor guided, hands-on sessions.

Delivery Method

Scheduled at Keysight training locations or at the customer site.

Where & When

Price Date(s) Location
call for price 2019-05-21 Calabasas, CA - Keysight Technologies 
call for price 2019-11-13 Calabasas, CA - Keysight Technologies 

Prices shown are list prices and are subject to change without notice.