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H7215A/B-235 RF Design Fundamentals

2   Days | Schulung vor Ort | Where & When | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Recent graduates requiring a rigorous introduction to the art of RF/microwave design, and engineers and technical managers wishing to consolidate their knowledge of RF/microwave principles.

This two-day course will provide the student with a firm grounding in the fundamental principles of RF engineering. This class presents the theory of wave propagation along a transmission line to develop the concepts of standing waves, reflection coefficient, VSWR, and to introduce the idea of distributed elements. Students will learn about common planar transmission line technologies, as well as scattering parameters, signal flow diagrams, and the Smith Chart as aids to the analysis and design of RF circuits.

What you will Learn

  • RF fundamentals
  • Transmission line theory
  • Design of planar transmission lines
  • S-Parameters
  • Signal flow diagrams
  • Smith Chart
  • Matching techniques
  • RF amplifier design
  • RF connector issues
  • ADS design labs


  • RF and Microwave Fundamentals or equivalent useful. Good understanding of complex numbers required.


  • High Frequency Fundamentals
  • Transmission Line Theory
  • Practical Transmission Line Issues
  • Scattering Parameters
  • Signal Flow Diagrams
  • Smith Chart
  • Matching Techniques
  • RF Amplifier Design
  • Connector Issues
  • For complete course details, click on the Education Datasheet below

Where & When

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RF Design Fundamentals 

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