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Introducing the New Infiniium V-Series High-Performance Oscilloscope Webcast

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The Infiniium V-Series oscilloscopes addresses your validation needs with new capabilities, while maintaining the best-in-class signal integrity performance, allowing you achieve greater insights in your validation and debug. The new capabilities include the industry’s longest 160-bit hardware serial trigger at 12.5 Gb/s allowing you to find rare events and errors in your high speed serial bus, the InfiniiMode feature enabling convenient measurements of differential, single-ended and common-mode signals using a single probe tip and connection, and the N7010A active termination adapter that provides ultra-low-noise voltage termination with adjustable voltage range from -4V to +4V to a signal. In addition, the V-Series also includes the industry’s fastest mixed signal oscilloscope with 20 GSa/s digital channels, which is ideal for triggering, analyzing and debugging DDR4 and LPDDR4 buses. Join us in the webcast to learn more about the V-Series enhancements that will ensure timely validation and debug, whether a you are looking for answers across multiple serial lanes or a massively parallel bus.


Engineers and technicians who use oscilloscopes and MSOs in the 8 GHz to 33 GHz performance range.


Min-jie Chong, Infiniium Product Manager, Keysight Technologies

Min-jie Chong is the Keysight Technologies Product Manager responsible for high-performance, real-time oscilloscopes. Previously, Min-jie was responsible for mobile interface (MIPI) and storage (SATA/SAS) technology test solutions. Min-jie has been a contributor to the MIPI PHY Electrical and Conformance Test (CTS) Working Group, defining new measurement methodologies and requirements for the next generation PHY specifications.

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Introducing the New Infiniium V-Series High-Performance Oscilloscope Webcast Slides 
Slides from the April 14, 2015 webcast

Présentation de séminaire 2015-04-14