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Understanding 5G and How to Navigate Multiple Physical Layer Proposals Webcast

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In this webcast, we will discuss key principles behind wireless communications and will offer a foundation for your communications system modeling and verification. Topics will include: new physical layer waveforms, multi-antenna techniques, and millimeter wave channel study methodology. Realistic physical layer simulation examples will be useful for scientists and 5G research engineers preparing for future technologies.


Wireless system architects and physical layer designer who are looking into new 5G technology research will benefit from this webcast. The webcast will also be of interest to baseband DSP algorithm designers, researchers, system verifier and consultants.


Sang-Kyo Shin, 5G Product Planning and Application Developer

Sangkyo Shin is the 5G product planner and application developer in Keysight EEsof EDA division. His specialty is wireless communications digital signal processing, physical layer modeling and simulation. He is also responsible for new FPGA design and implementation flow. He has been working as a system engineer and wireless application consultant for over 15 years at Keysight Technologies contributing to various custom solutions and technical paper development. 

Before he joined Keysight, he worked as a system integration engineer at LG electronics. 

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Understanding 5G and How to Navigate Multiple Physical Layer Proposals Webcast Slides 
Slides from the February 5, 2015 webcast

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