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Innovations in EDA: Accurate Modeling of GaAs & GaN HEMT’s for Nonlinear Applications Webcast

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This Webcast will discuss the modeling and extraction of microwave FET transistors for large-signal applications. The industry standard Angelov-GaN (Chalmers Univ.) model will be discussed. Its accurate and fast extraction links the model parameters directly to experimental data. Accurate models, suitable for CAD tools and working at high frequencies, can be obtained by combining direct extraction of basic parameters and numerical optimization. Examples of larger-signal models of GaAs and GaN transistor will be shown. Special attention will be paid on the dispersion and waveform modeling of GaN HEMT devices. The Angelov-GaN (Chalmers Univ.) model is available in ADS and other software tools and detailed extraction procedure is available in IC-CAP (Keysight).


Device modeling engineers developing and/or extracting models for RF GaN HEMT devices and RF designers interested into predicting linear, distortion performance and thermal effects of large signal circuits like amplifiers, mixers and switches by using the Angelov-GaN model. Modeling engineers interested in learning about temperature and dispersion effects on the performance of GaN power devices.


Dr. Iltcho Angelov, Associate Professor, Microwave Electronics Lab, The Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience - MC2 Chalmers Univ. Goteborg Sweden

Iltcho Angelov, Born: Bulgaria, MSc. in Electronics (Honours) PhD. in Physics and Mathematics from Moscow State Univ. From 1969-1991 he was with Inst. Electronics, Bulgarian Acad. Sciences( IE BAS) Sofia as Researcher, Res. Prof. and Head of Dep. Microwave Solid State Devices (1982). Since 1992 he is with Chalmers Univ., Göteborg, Sweden as a Research Prof. As a researcher he worked with various microwave devices: Impatt, Gunn, BJT, FET, low noise & power amplifiers, oscillators, synchronization &phase modulation, frequency dividers, multipliers, low noise receivers up to 220 GHz. In the recent years his main activity is related to FET, HBT modeling. Together with CAD companies FET GaAs, and later GaN HEMT model was implemented in various CAD tools. 

Roberto Tinti, Device Modeling Product Planner, Agilent EEsof EDA

Dr. Tinti has over 20 years of experience in device modeling and related measurements. After getting his Ph.D. in device modeling at the Delft Technical University in The Netherlands, he joined HP, now Agilent in 1999. During the past 13 years, he has worked on several IC-CAP related projects such as Pulsed and 1/f Noise measurement systems. He also contributed to advance the IC-CAP product in several areas such as optimization, graphics and CMOS Modeling. Recently, he became the Device Modeling Product Planner within Agilent EEsof EDA and he is focusing to further advanced the IC-CAP platform to meet the needs of the always evolving device modeling market. From time to time, he still enjoys the design and coding of new features.

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Accurate Modeling of GaAs & GaN HEMT’s for Nonlinear Applications Webcast Slides 
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