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802.11ac WLAN - Channel bandwidth power measurement application using Agilent 8990B PPA

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There are a number of verification and manufacturing test challenges for WLAN module today. One of them is the 802.11ac testing, where you need wider video bandwidth equipment with proper testing method to capture desired useful burst signal. Without proper instrument setup, there is a possibility of not capturing the accurate measurement during the design verification, which may lead to longer troubleshooting time, added-resources, and cost.

This web seminar illustrates how the Agilent 8990B Peak Power Analyzer can be used in the 802.11ac wireless LAN transmitter testing. We will show you how to obtain perform output power, CCDF, power added efficiency test, trigger delay measurement, and power ON/OFF ramp testing measurement. We will also briefly introduce our 8990B Peak Power Analyzer & U2020 X-series USB Peak and Average Power Sensors.

Who should attend?

Engineers, reseachers, professors and students who are interested in 802.11ac WLAN testing.

The presenters:

  • Adeline Lim, product marketing engineer

Adeline is a product marketing engineer for power meters and sensors and audio products in Basic Instruments Division (BID). Prior to this, she worked as a product engineer in Avago Technologies where she was responsible for mmWave products and then she joined Agilent Technologies as a technical writer in BID.

Adeline graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering.



  • Hock Eng, product planner

Hock Eng has been working as the product planner for Keysight's power meter and sensor since 2005. He is also the planner for the 8990B PPA. During the customer requirements definition stage for the 8990B, he managed to meet around 100 customers from various kind of industry and also application background.





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