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Think Outside the Box: PC-based Oscilloscope Analysis Software

1   Hour | Webcast - recorded | Where & When


You depend upon your oscilloscope to capture an accurate picture of what’s happening in your design. Ever wish you could do additional signal viewing, analysis and documentation tasks away from your scope and target system? 

PC-based analysis of previously captured test data is a growing technology that offers great value to teams looking for alternatives that hold promise. New advances in PC-based oscilloscope analysis software allow teams to better utilize their oscilloscope investments and enable engineers to exploit large high-resolution displays found in the office environments. 

Whether you own an Keysight, Tek, LeCroy or other brand of scope, this webinar will highlight technical capabilities found on newer PC-based oscilloscope analysis tools. 
All webinar attendees will receive a free 30-day trial license for Keysight’s PC-based InfiniiView which supports file types from a variety of different scopes.

Who should attend?
Anyone who uses an oscilloscope.

The presenter: Joel Woodward

Joel Woodward

Joel joined Agilent Technologies (formerly Hewlett-Packard) in 1989 and has held a variety of individual and management positions in logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, and EDA tools. He currently is a senior product manager and planner for oscilloscopes.

Joel has held several individual contributor and management positions and holds an FPGA debug patent. He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from BYU, an MBA from Regis University, and has completed coursework from Harvard Business School. His outside interests include digital photography and hiking in national parks.


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