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Multi-Signal, Multi-Format Analysis with the 89600 VSA

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What is the Webcast About?
As system complexity increases, so does the need to analyze multiple signals simultaneously. Perhaps you work with multi-carrier devices, need to look at Uplink and Downlink signals simultaneously, or simply want to compare signal quality at several different physical test points. This webcast will introduce you to the new multi-measurement capability of the 89000 VSA software to address these wireless R&D needs. We will discuss real life challenging test scenarios and demonstrate how to run multiple VSA’s side-by-side within a single, optimized user interface, either controlling several instruments at once, or sharing a single instrument among several measurements. Join us to learn how to troubleshoot signal interactions and decrease test time by performing multiple vector signal analysis measurements at once.

Who Should View this Webcast?
Verification Engineers, RF Engineers, Baseband Engineers, System Integration Engineers, R&D managers, Engineering managers, Production Engineers, Professors

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Multi-Signal, Multi-Format Analysis with the 89600 VSA Webcast Slides 
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