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Basics of RF Amplifier Test With the Vector Network Analyzer

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What is the Webcast About?
Characterizing the fundamental performance of RF amplifiers is a critical stage in the research and manufacturing test environments. The amplifiers must meet strict specifications in order that the systems can comply with regulations for industries.

This presentation describes how to perform efficient and accurate measurements for RF amplifiers with modern vector network analyzer (VNA), especially highlights leveling features for accurate characterization of power-dependent active components. The presentation also discussed optimizing test systems for easy and fast amplifier measurements with the VNA’s capabilities.

Who Should View this Webcast?
- Engineers making basic measurements of RF amplifiers such as S-parameters, gain compression, harmonic distortions or pulsed-RF in communication or aerospace & defense industries.

- Test system designers trying to optimize tradeoffs between the system cost, speed and measurement accuracy.

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Basics of RF Amplifier Test With the Vector Network Analyzer Webcast Slides 
Mar 13, 2012 Webcast Slides

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