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H7216A/B-310 3G Technology Overview

2   Jours | Formation en classe | Où et quand | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Engineers interested in the new 3G cellular technology, whose responsibilities will include either testing of mobiles in manufacturing or installation and maintenance of base stations.

This 2-day course will introduce engineers to the concepts of third generation cellular technologies. It begins with a quick review of CDMA concepts, gives a brief history of where the standards have come from, and then provides the students with a fundamental understanding of the two 3G technologies: cdma2000 and G3G WCDMA.

What you will Learn

  • Basic knowledge of the two 3G cellular technologies
  • 1X EV Overview
  • Concepts of cdma2000 and its features and technologies
  • Concepts of the harmonized global third generation WCDMA system, its features, advantages, and technologies
  • Creating and analyzing signals
  • Measurement challenges for the two systems
  • How mobiles operate in these more complex networks
  • Be able to create and analyze signals for the 3G systems
  • An appreciation for the added complexity of these systems


  • Students should have completed the courses leading up through CDMA Basics, or have an understanding of analog and digital communications systems and the CDMA technology.


  • Overview of IS-95 Concepts
  • Technology Roadmap
  • 1X EV Overview
  • Concepts of CDMA2000
  • Concepts of 3GPP WCDMA
  • Creating and Analyzing Signals for WCDMA and CDMA2000 and Measurements on the Two Systems
  • For complete course details, click on the Education Datasheet below

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3G Technology Overview 

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