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Evénements Keysight en France

Bienvenue sur la page des événements auxquels Keysight participe en France.


Keysight Technologies participe en tant qu'exposant à de nombreux salons et colloques mais organise également des séminaires techniques gratuits dans de nombreux domaines. Cette liste sera remise à jour régulièrement.


Name Description Date Location Information
Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Hands-on Workshop with ADS 2017, SIPro and PIPro It has become much more important to get higher frequency s-parameters for PCB accurately due to ever increasing data rates. ADS 2017 features a host of new technologies designed to improve accuracy of PCB simulations for both Pre-Layout and Post-Layout, including two electromagnetic (EM) software solutions and a Thermal solver specifically created to help signal and power integrity engineers.

6 June 2018


7 June 2018

Les Ulis, France


Les Ulis, France

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SystemVue Fundamentals class Training The general concepts of system design will be presented together with progressive labs. The training objective is to keep you up to date with the latest technologies and solutions for RF System simulation. 10-11 October 2018 Les Ulis, France Inscrivez-vous ici
Automotive Mobility Innovation 2018

’ESIGELEC, Moveo et Keysight Technologies, vous attend à une journée de présentation thématique sur les derniers développements électroniques des véhicules.

L'industrie automobile continue sa révolution technologique, en fusionnant davantage avec l'écosystème énergétique.

12 juin 2018 Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray Inscrivez-vous ici
HSD Learning Week

Why is high-speed digital design important?
Join us for the HSD Learning event in Les Ulis starting on Tuesday June 12th , 2018!

This training class is designed for engineers with an RF/microwave background who are involved in high-speed mixed-signal design and for engineers with high-level expertise who are looking for improving in-depth knowledge on high-speed digital simulation techniques.
Come and learn more about how to close your design on specification and schedule using the latest HSD Design and Verification solutions.

12 - 14 juin 2018 Les Ulis, France Inscrivez-vous ici
EMPro Fundamentals class The EMPro course teaches users how to efficiently create three-dimensional models using an advanced mechanical CAD front end and set these up for either FEM or FDTD electromagnetic analysis. The CAD userinterface uses constraint-based modeling technology which allows users to build complex models that can easily be edited. The modularity of the class allows it to be readily adapted to either include both simulation methods – Finite Element Method and Finite- Difference Time Domain method – or to make use of only one of the methods. Attendees learn how to define EM sensors for near and far fields, currents, and other quantities that can be derived from the simulations. Finally, users learn to display the data results using the built-in Post Processor (FEM and FDTD) or the Advanced Post Processor (FEM only). 27-28 June 2018 Les Ulis, France Inscrivez-vous ici
ADS Fundamentals training

We are pleased to offer 3 dedicated days of training on ADS to help you get started with the software, or if you already know some ADS, to develop a more detailed understanding to increase your productivity further, or simply to get a valuable refresh if you haven’t used ADS for some time or infrequently.

These classes cover a selection of material used in the popular Keysight EEsof Customer Education classes and will be led by qualified Keysight instructors.

16-18 October 2018 Les Ulis, France Inscrivez-vous ici