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Events in Nordic countries

Welcome to Keysight's Upcoming Events Page for Nordic countries


Keysight Technologies takes part as an exhibitor in numerous parlors and conferences but also organises free technical seminars in many fields. This list will be updated regularly.

Name Description Date Location Information
SIPRO / PIPRO HANDS-ON WORKSHOP - SWEDEN It has become much more important to get higher frequency s-parameters for PCB accurately due to ever increasing data rates. ADS 2017 features a host of new technologies designed to improve accuracy of PCB simulations for both Pre-Layout and Post-Layout, including two electromagnetic (EM) software solutions and a Thermal solver specifically created to help signal and power integrity engineers.

15 May 2018


17 May 2018

Kista, Sweden


Lund, Sweden

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HOTSPOTS - Millimeter-wave Measurement Insights Next generation wireless systems such as 5G cellular communications, front-haul and back-haul networks, military and automotive radar, and IEEE 802.11ad and 802.11ay WiGig are targeting a range of new capabilities including higher bandwidth, more connected devices, low latency, and better coverage. To address the wide bandwidth requirements, researchers are exploring the higher frequencies in the centimeter and millimeter wave bands where more spectrum is readily available. Compared to the traditional bandwidths used at sub-6 GHz for cellular communications, the use of hundreds or even several gigahertz of spectrum at these higher frequencies require new components with much higher physical tolerances to achieve the desired performance. The measurement techniques used to measure the RF performance of these new devices also require special consideration. This seminar will cover the basics of cm & mmWave technologies from the perspective of spectrum, wavelength, and bandwidth. A number of associated design and measurement challenges will be examined along with examples of how to solve them.

23 May, 2018



30 May, 2018

Gothenburg, Sweden

Lund, Sweden

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HOTSPOTS - Signal Integrity Measurement Insights

The continued increase in consumers using more data drives a wider adoption of high speed digital signals in electronic products, which increases the complexity of your design, including how to test and debug your product. Making the right decisions early in the process will enable you to avoid prototype re-spins and bring your product to market before the competition.

Keysight's Signal Integrity Hotspots Seminar addresses the challenges facing High Speed Digital designers and developers at component, circuit and system levels.
Five focused papers will give you deeper insight on Signal Integrity aspects such as Jitter, Crosstalk, TDR, Power Integrity, Embedding & De-embedding including using Oscilloscopes in RF applications.

Keysight’s leading-edge instruments & solutions will also be available throughout the seminar to provide you the opportunity to interact one-on-one with Keysight experts & products.

12 September, 2018


26 September, 2018


17 October, 2018






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