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N3231A IC-CAP User Training

3   Days | Classroom Training | Where & When | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Device modelers and anyone who needs to understand the use of IC-CAP for modeling.

This 3-day course will show students how to define measurements and data; use basic analysis tools in IC-CAP, including Parameter Extraction Language (PEL), built-in functions and extractions, simulation and optimization; how to automate modeling tasks with macros; and how to use other simulators with IC-CAP, such as the Advanced Design System. A measurement exercise will familiarize students with the steps involved in working with a measurement system.

What you will Learn

  • Navigate though the IC-CAP user interface
  • Drive measurement systems from IC-CAP to collect data
  • Extract model parameters from the measured data
  • Simulate the model and compare results to measured data
  • Optimize model parameters to match measured results
  • Read files in and out of IC-CAP
  • Introduction of PEL (Parameter Extraction Language) to automate IC-CAP
  • Import data from IC-CAP into the Advanced Design System
  • Use Advanced Design System models and simulator for IC-CAP
  • Learn how to use User-Defined Models with IC-CAP


  • Knowledge of measurement and modeling concepts and techniques


    • Modeling and IC-CAP Fundamentals
    • Hardware, Measurements, and Extractions
    • Simulation and Optimization
    • Introduction to PEL
    • Extraction Methods: BJT Example
    • Automated Extraction
    • The NMOS Model
    • The IC-CAP Studio Interface
    • Advanced Features
    • ADS and IC-CAP
    • Data Management and Data I/O in IC-CAP

Where & When

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Training & Event Materials

IC-CAP User Training Datasheet 
A 2-page, B & W, course overview for IC-CAP User Training. Contains specifications of the course including length, format, delivery, prerequisites, and agenda.

Data Sheet 2009-02-20