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H7240A/B-105 Digital Test Using 16900 Logic Analyzers

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Audience: Engineers and technicians who need to solve digital design and testing problems using logic analyzers.

This one-day course class will increase your knowledge of logic analysis as a tool to design and debug digital systems. Examples and demonstrations teach you to configure and operate the Keysight 16900 series of logic analyzers. This course is recommended for new users of logic analyzers. Optionally, experienced logic analyzer users may learn advanced triggering concepts.

What you will Learn

  • Fundamentals of logic analysis
  • When to use State and Timing mode measurements
  • How to configure and operate the Keysight 16900 series logic analyzers and plug-in modules
  • The advantages and uses of various triggering modes
  • How to configure the analyzer to measure high-speed signals


  • Attendees should have a basic understanding of digital circuits. Experience using logic analyzers is helpful.


  • Introduction to Logic Analysis
  • 16900 Product Overview
  • Timing Mode with Demonstration
  • State Mode with Demonstration
  • 16900 Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Analysis Features
  • Optional Hands on Exercises with the GUI if students have access to a PC for the class
  • Triggering
  • Counters and Store Qualification with Demonstration
  • Timing Zoom and Chart Mode with Demonstration
  • EyeFinder
  • Sample Position and EyeFinder Demonstration
  • Flags with Multiple Analyzers with Demonstration
  • Probing

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Digital Test Using 16900 Logic Analyzers 
Learn the fundamentals of logic analysis for digital design and test in a 1-day class using the Keysight 16900 Logic Analyzer.

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