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DDR4/5 and LPDDR4/5 Protocol Analysis, Debug, and Compliance Validation Webcast

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Validating a DDR4, LPDDR4, DDR5 or LPDDR5 design, a common symptom encountered is data corruption. Data corruption can have a broad range of root causes, usually either signal integrity or functional issues. Oscilloscopes are used to validate and debug the signal integrity of the signals, including eye size, rise and fall times. Logic analysis systems are used to debug and validate the functional or protocol compliance of memory systems. Functional issues, where the memory devices don’t receive the correct commands in the proper sequence or within specified timings can result in data corruption and/or system crashes.

Logic analyzers capture all DDR signals simultaneously (over 100 signals in DIMM/SODIMM designs) at data rates up to 4200MT/s with trace depths up to 400M samples per signal. Powerful analysis SW decodes the memory protocol transactions and provides multiple different views and graphs of the traffic flowing in the system. The views and graphs help validation engineers navigate the traffic flow rapidly to identify areas of concern. Protocol compliance validation SW identifies exact issues in memory systems.

This webcast will help engineers better understand the concepts of debugging functional issues in DDR4/5 or LPDDR4/5 systems.


Jennie Grosslight
Memory Protocol Solutions Manager
Keysight Technologies

Jennie Grosslight is Keysight's Memory Protocol Solutions Manager where she is responsible for Keysight's logic analysis and compliance test solutions for memory applications. Jennie has worked for HP, Agilent, and Keysight for 29 years for both oscilloscopes and logic analyzers in a variety of roles such as R&D engineer, technical marketing engineer, business development, and product marketing engineer. She has been focused on helping engineers analyze and validate memory systems for the past 18 years. Jennie has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

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