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N3249D Advanced Electromagnetic Simulation Topics in ADS

3   Days | Classroom Training | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Technical staff working in either the circuit or system level design environment and want a comprehensive overview of the Advanced Design System software for RF Board, MMIC, RFIC, and similar technologies.

This modular 3 day training course offered by Keysight Technologies covers advanced topics related to the use of the Method of Moments (Momentum) and Finite Element Method (FEM) electromagnetic simulators integrated into the Advanced Design System (ADS). Customers can select the days individually as appropriate.



  • This course builds on the skills gained in the 3-day ADS Fundamentals class. In particular, a thorough knowledge of the layout editor is required, as well as of the EM GUI, schematic capture, and data display. Understanding of fundamental RF and microwave concepts is also essential.


  • Day 1 - EM Component Parameterization, Cosimulation & Cooptimization
    • Parameterizing EM Components
    • Cooptimization between Circuit/EM Simulators
    • Prefilling the EM Model Database using Multi-dimensional Parameter Sweeps
    • Modeling Conductors as 3D Thick Strips or 2D Sheets
    • Inductor Synthesis Using EM Database
    • Creating EM Components from Custom AEL Artwork Functions
  • Day 2 -Efficient CPW & Multilayer Modeling & Analysis of Differential Structures
    • Strip vs. Slot Layers
    • Coplanar Waveguide (CPW) using Finite Grounds
    • Multilayer Interconnects, Parallel-Plate Modes, Shielding
    • Momentum vs. Circuit Simulator “Grounds”
    • Single-Ended, Differential and Common-Mode Port Configurations
    • Mixed-Mode (Differential/Common) S-Parameters
    • OPTIONAL: CPW Notch Filter Modeled Using Slot Layers
  • Day 3 - Multitechnology Structures, IC Packaging, Modules, SiP
    • FEM Applications & Theory
    • Creating and Simulating Arbitrary 3D Models
    • Understanding the Layout Preprocessor
    • Multi-technology Design – Nested Technologies
    • Creating and Using EMPro 3D Components
    • Using Python for Extracting EM Fields