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Surprise! Power Supplies Can Increase Test Throughput

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Improving test throughput is a challenge most anyone involved with providing electronic products, assemblies, or components is faced with in order to remain competitive. Making even small improvements is deemed very worthwhile as it reduces cost in a number of direct ways, such as operator test time, and indirect ways, such as improved workflow. Often overlooked, learn how the test system DC power supply can have a large impact on test time in a multitude of ways, from fundamental speed performance differences that can take seconds off test time, to advanced capabilities that can squeeze every last millisecond out of that specialized component test need!

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Paul Farto, Product Manager / Keysight Technologies / Power Technology Marketing

Paul Farto received his BSEE from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2007. He joined Keysight Technologies (then, Hewlett-Packard and subsequently, Agilent Technologies) in 1999 and has worked as a manufacturing technician, manufacturing engineer, R&D engineer, and application support engineer, and presently works as a Product Manager. In each assignment Paul was involved in working on power products such as DC power supplies, electronic loads, and AC sources.

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