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Mastering Noise Figure Measurements Webcast

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With the move to millimeter wave in 5G and Satellite communications, transceiver designers are faced with increasing challenges to differentiate their products. Characterizing the noise contributed by RF and microwave amplifiers and frequency converters is essential for optimizing overall system performance. Noise figure, the accepted figure-of-merit, is typically measured using the widely-understood Y-factor or hot/cold method. However, when using a vector network analyzer, the less-familiar cold-source method lends itself to advanced error-correction techniques that enable exceptional measurement accuracy. This webcast will provide an overview of both techniques and contrast their strengths and accuracy limitations.


Nizar Messaoudi, RF and Microwave Engineer, Keysight Technologies

Nizar has been with Keysight Technologies for just under two years. Nizar supports customers in the Toronto area, in many industries including 5G, Satellite Communications and IoT. He earned his Masters of Applied Science from the University of Waterloo in Electrical Engineering in 2009. Before joining Keysight, Nizar taught at the University of Waterloo, training well over 3000 engineers in the art of making RF measurements.

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Free 2017-12-14 10:00
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