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Top 10 Ways BenchVue Software Increases Design Productivity

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Learn how to save time with everyday tasks by effectively utilizing PCs as the control center for your test instruments. With BenchVue software, learn how to grab screen captures or export data to Excel or Word in a few clicks. See how modern software also enables you to create automated test sequences as simply as using the front panel of your instruments. Spend less time fighting your instruments and more time on your design with the latest software tools.



Engineers who would like to easily set up, control, automate, and obtain results from their bench test instruments.


David Tu, Software Product Manager, Keysight Technologies

David Tu has over 17 years of experience in the Test and Measurement industry. He started off as a manufacturing engineer, then spent the formative years of his career as an NPI test engineer developing automated tests for new products, specializing in the most common instruments on engineers benches. In the last few years, he’s moved over to the marketing side of Keysight’s business and is plying his measurement expertise and knowledge as an advocate for Keysight’s most popular software tools from Keysight.

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