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Millimeter-wave Measurement Insights Seminar Tour

With increased demand for the transfer of large volumes of data at high speeds, there is a growing need to utilize millimeter-wave frequency bands. Next-generation wireless systems, fronthaul and backhaul networks, and military and automotive radar systems are targeting a range of new capabilities, including higher bandwidth, more connected devices, low latency, and better coverage. This requires close attention to broadband noise, phase noise, linearity, frequency response, and power dissipation.

Join our experts for this complementary half-day seminar and gain a better understanding of the following:

• The challenges of making wideband measurements at millimeter-wave frequencies and the physical effects on the behavior of transmission lines, coaxial and waveguide connectors, and over-the-air transmissions at those frequencies.

• The importance of employing the latest techniques in the industry to fully characterize and test both active and passive components at millimeter-wave frequencies.


Join our application experts during this complementary 4-hour seminar as they discuss and demonstrate a number of associated design and measurement challenges along with ways to solve them.


RF and microwave design engineers, test engineers and lab technologists/technicians working at frequencies greater than 30 GHz.




September 19, 2018
Marriott Schaumburg
50 N Martingale Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173
September 26, 2018
8310 N. Capital of Texas Highway
Building 2, Suite 300
Austin, TX 78731


09:30 am - Registration and Refreshments

10:00 am -  Millimeter-wave Measurement Challenges
In order to address wide bandwidth requirements of next generation wireless and radar systems, researchers are exploring millimeter-wave bands. Compared to traditional bandwidths used at sub 6 GHz for cellular communications, the use of hundreds or even several GHz of spectrum at these higher frequencies requires new components with much higher physical tolerances to achieve the desired performance. The techniques used to measure the RF performance of these new devices require special consideration. This presentation will cover the basics of making measurements at millimeter-wave frequencies as it relates to transmission line theory, connector topology, and over-the-air transmission and will also examine a number of associated design and measurement challenges at these wider bandwidths.

11:30 am - Lunch and Product Fair

12:30 pm - Techniques for Component Characterization at Millimeter-wave Frequencies
With an increased need to utilize the millimeter-wave frequency band, there are even more demands on designers and manufacturers in the industry to fully characterize and test both active and passive components at these frequencies. This presentation will focus on how a vector network analyzer can be utilized to address the need for millimeter-wave component characterization for both passive and active devices and will include real-life measurement examples.

2:00 pm - Q&A and Wrap-up