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Oscilloscope or Digitizer for Wideband analysis – Why care?

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This paper describes the differences between digitizer and oscilloscope measurements and explains how the trade-offs will impact your wideband measurement results.

Wider communication bandwidths are used more and more to keep up with the changes in wireless communication standards as well as for many aerospace & defense industry programs. Regardless of the carrier frequency, digitizers and oscilloscopes are key tools for wideband analysis. The challenges associated with wideband measurements lead us to think differently about our measurement instrument selection because using the correct approach will greatly improve your measurement results.

You will learn:
•About the differences in measurement fidelity
•How to address automation or events and triggering
•How to identify glitches or infrequent events
•The best way to implement multi-channel, coherent measurements

Use cases from wireless and A/D applications will be included.


Test engineers, R&D engineers, engineering managers, production engineers, production engineering managers.


Sheri DeTomasi, Modular Strategy and Operations Lead, Keysight Technologies

Sheri is responsible for Keysight modular strategy and business initiatives. In her 30 years at Keysight, HP, and Agilent Technologies, Sheri has held a variety of positions in production engineering, quality, technical support, and product marketing. Twenty-plus years have been focused on developing and introducing new products in modular platforms. Sheri managed the product marketing team to introduce Agilent’s first PXI RF Source and Analyzer which are key elements of Keysight’s MIMO Reference Solution. Sheri also led the business and development teams to deliver Keysight’s first 5G Reference Solutions used to accelerate some of the first 5G development. Sheri has authored technical articles and papers covering 5G Channel Sounding, MIMO beamforming, and multi-channel calibration, as well as other modular solution topics.


Jean-Luc Lehmann, Product Manager, Keysight Technologies

Jean-Luc Lehmann is Product Manager for the High-Speed Digitizers. He has been working for over 30 years in the signal acquisition domain, first in R&D and then in Marketing. He joined Keysight in March 2011 and holds an HES-SO Engineering degree.

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