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Accuracy matters: Calibration Options for Lab Standards Webcast

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How do you calibrate the standards in your calibration lab? Bob Stern, Principal Metrologist of Keysight Technologies, and his counterpart, Matthew Woerner, will cover the answer to this question and other important factors and considerations to reduce measurement uncertainty of your best reference standards.

We will cover the following topics in this 45 minute webcast:

- SI units and traceability
- How to achieve low measurement uncertainty in your lab or end customer measurements
- Transferring that accuracy to other measurements

Learn about modern techniques for calibrating your lab references for PRTs, SPRTs, thermal voltage converters, force, Brinell/Rockwell hardness, antenna gains, power sensors, attenuators, torque wrenches, mass, vacuum gauges, optical wavelength/power, capacitance, rubidium references and voltmeter calibrators.


Metrologists, calibration lab managers, or anyone responsible for measurement traceability maintaining high accuracy/low measurement uncertainty.


Bob Stern, Principal Metrologist, Keysight Technologies

Bob graduated from the University of Wisconsin with Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering. He has worked for 6 different divisions at Hewlett Packard, then Keysight, and now Keysight Technologies. Since 2003 Bob has been active on NCSLI committees concerned with calibration standards, including the subgroup that wrote the Z540.3 Handbook. He is chair of the NCSLI 174 Standards Writing Group, and is active at ILAC standards meetings. He leads efforts to align Keysight’s calibration service deliverables with ISO 17025, ILAC-G8, ILAC-P14, and ANSI Z540.3. He is the presenter of 8 YouTube videos on various topics of calibration interest.


Matthew Woerner, Metrologist, Keysight Technologies

Matthew is a Metrology Engineer working for Keysight Technologies. Previous to his metrology work, Matthew worked as a technical marketing engineer for the oscilloscope division. Matthew graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University.

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