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How to Design an RF / Microwave Power Amplifier: The Basics Webcast

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Power amplifiers are everywhere – from your cell phone to the space station – yet the large signal nonlinear nature of these circuits sometimes tends to make the design process seem mysterious and difficult. Furthermore, the idealized waveforms that come to do define textbook classes of operation are difficult if not impossible to realize using a real device. Why is it so hard to achieve the ideal values of efficiency with devices in the simulator or in the lab? Why do I get great efficiency when my waveforms look anything but ideal? Is there a straightforward approach to understanding how harmonics and other non-linear phenomena can enhance performance and shape a waveform? This webcast will take an intuitive approach to explaining how power amplifiers work in a practical sense: first, a clear definition of power will be given, then a nonlinear model will be built from scratch in a circuit simulator which will allow for easy demonstration of idealized waveforms for various modes of operation. Then, parasitics and other non-idealities will be added to show how this changes the design process and limits peak performance, and ultimately this will lead to a design process and methodology for designing large signal PA’s. If you are new to High Frequency Power Amplifier Circuit Design, this will provide you with a good starting point and understanding of the challenges involved with PA circuit design. If you are an experienced designer, this webcast will provide unique insights in the fundamentals presented in a way that you may not have seen before.


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Matthew Ozalas, Senior RF Power Amplifier & Module Design Expert, Keysight EEsof EDA

Matthew Ozalas received his BSEE from Penn State University in 2001 and his MSEE and MBA from Arizona State University in 2010. From 2001 to 2005, he worked as part of the Advanced Wireless Department at the Mitre Corporation where he did RFIC and Power Amplifier Design for a variety of high frequency applications. From 2005-2013, he worked at Skyworks Solutions in the Santa Rosa Design Center, designing and developing high volume multiband power amplifier and front end modules for wireless handsets. He joined Keysight EEsof EDA in 2013, where he is currently working as a Senior RF Power Amplifier & Module Design Expert.

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