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Ten Oscilloscope Innovations You’ll Want that Didn’t Exist Three Years Ago

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Human interface design of modern electronics have dramatically improved to increase productivity. In parallel, oscilloscope user interfaces have had radical improvements to speed debug and analysis. While oscilloscopes shouldn’t necessarily work like tablets or smartphones, they should leverage modern hardware/software technologies to speed up the analysis and debug of today’s leading-edge designs. Attend this webinar to see what user interface capabilities didn’t exist just a few years ago that can give your team a testing advantage.

In this one hour webcast, you’ll learn:

• how innovations in oscilloscope human interfaces developed in the last year enable faster debug and analysis
• new capabilities of state-of-the-art oscilloscopes that will help you to get your products to market more quickly


Engineers and technicians who use high-performance oscilloscopes to analyze and debug designs.


Doug Beck, Usability Engineer, Keysight Technologies

Doug Beck is a Usability Engineer with Keysight Technologies. He received his PhD in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1992. Doug has worked on the user interface design of oscilloscopes and logic analyzers since 1996.

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