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Get in the Zone – The Nyquist Zone

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With the advent of higher speed ADCs and DACs, a larger portion of RF/Microwave systems for communication & radar are implemented in digital signal processing. Some converter products also boast the ability to operate in upper Nyquist zones, meaning they have more input bandwidth than the sample rate of the converter. You can leverage this capability to use an ADC at even higher frequencies than the traditional Nyquist sampling rules allow. We’ll show this capability on a commercially available ADC, and demonstrate how Keysight tools can help characterize these products.


People designing and/or validating designs of high performance digital signal processing systems such as radar, satellite communications, wideband wireless, and wireless base stations – anyone thinking of evaluating a Gigasample ADC for their design.


Scott Ferguson, Digital Specialist, Keysight Technologies

Scott Ferguson earned bachelors and masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from Bucknell University. He has been with HP / Keysight for 18 years in various roles from product development (logic analyzers and oscilloscopes), to marketing and field sales & applications work. Scott lives in Aiken South Carolina. He previously worked at the Exxon Corporate Research labs and Cray Computer Corporation developing software on supercomputing platforms.

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