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Fixturing and Fixture Removal for Multiport Devices with Non-Standard RF Interfaces Webcast

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The performance of modern test instrumentation is excellent, but a user of these instruments expects to establish this level of performance, particularly the accuracy, not only at the test ports of the instrument, but at the test ports of the DUT. This has always been a difficult problem to solve, and with the push to higher frequencies of operation, increased number of test ports, and more common use of "non-standardized" interfaces, both the technical challenge and the importance of an effective methodology are intensifying. ATE Systems has developed a number of approaches to fixture characterization to accomplish the objective of accurately measuring devices with multiple microstrip, CPW, SMT, BGA, OSP, GP(n)O, and other RF interfaces for which there are no associated calibration kits. Of course the design of the test fixture is critical since it must support the intended characterization methodology in addition to satisfying other requirements for the DUT such as the RF interface, biasing and control, mechanical and thermal, and possibly others.

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Engineers involved in RF, microwave, or high-speed interconnect circuit, IC package, or PCB design or testing; test lab managers and test engineers in engineering, design verification, or manufacturing test areas.


Peter Phillips, VP Engineering, ATE Systems

Peter is a system design and development manager who has over thirty years of experience in the microwave industry. As a co-founder of ATN Microwave he has more than ten (10) patents for hardware and system designs. These include ECal electronic calibration of network analyzers, solid state tuner technologies for automated noise parameter extraction, and high performance control products for multiport and differential network analyzers. Peter has focused his expertise in component, system, and application design, and in innovations of measurement technologies for both R&D labs and manufacturing flooors. Peter brings extensive work experience in subsystem design from previous employment at aerospace and defense companies such as Microwave Associates (M/A-Com), Alpha Industries, Sanders Associates.

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Fixturing and Fixture Removal for Multiport Devices with Non-Standard RF Interfaces Webcast Slides 
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