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N3247A EMPro Fundamentals

2   Days | Classroom Training | Advantages of Keysight Training

RF and microwave engineers who design passive HF structures

The EMPro course teaches users how to efficiently create three-dimensional models using an advanced mechanical CAD front end and set these up for either FEM or FDTD electromagnetic analysis. The CAD user-interface uses constraintbased modeling technology which allows users to build complex models that can easily be edited. The modularity of the class allows it to be readily adapted to either include both simulation methods – Finite Element Method and Finite-Difference Time Domain method – or to make use of only one of the methods. Attendees learn how to define EM sensors for near and far fields, currents, and other quantities that can be derived from the simulations. Finally, users learn to display the data results using the built-in Post Processor (FEM and FDTD) or the Advanced Post Processor (FEM only).

What you will learn

  • User-interface architecture
  • Coordinate systems and how to manipulate them
  • CAD modeling using advanced constraint technology
  • Parameterization of part dimensions and their locations
  • Construction of compound parts using implicit and explicit Booleans
  • Creation of part hierarchies through use of nested assemblies
  • Import/Export of CAD files, Simulation Models, and 3D EM Components
  • Use of the Material Library and how to create custom materials
  • Definition of outer boundary conditions, bounding boxes, padding
  • Definition of signal sources including voltage sources and modal waveguide ports
  • Definitions of sensors for sampling FEM or FDTD results in specific locations or for computing far fields
  • Meshing in FEM
  • FEM Theory (Meshing, Adaptive Refinement & Convergence)
  • Gridding and Meshing in FDTD
  • Setting up Simulations (FEM and/or FDTD)
  • Creation of Custom Libraries
  • Post processing of simulation results



  • Familiarity with basic RF and microwave concepts
  • Windows and PC experience


Course Agenda

  • Geometric Modeling
  • Importing/Exporting CAD Files
  • Material Specification
  • Ports & Waveforms
  • Boundary Conditions
  • Gridding and Meshing
  • Sensors and Post Processing


  • Microstrip Line (FEM/FDTD)
  • Microstrip Lowpass Filter (FEM/FDTD)
  • Coaxial Tee (FEM)
  • Pyramidal Horn Antenna (FEM/FDTD)
  • Importing/Exporting CAD Files (FEM/FDTD)
  • 3D Component Export to ADS (FEM)
  • Python Scripting (FEM/FDTD)

Training & Event Materials

EMPro Course Overview 
Outline of EMPro course

Training Materials 2013-11-11