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Metrology Events

For professionals, networking and lifelong learning are critical to connect with your peers, gain valuable new knowledge, and advance your career. Attending events that focus on metrology let you network and learn at the same time.

Here you’ll find a calendar of upcoming metrology events being held around the globe.

Calendar of Metrology Events

Measurement Science Conference 

10-14 March 2014 -- Longbeach, California

This 5-day conference provides a professional forum for the exchange of ideas, techniques, and innovative thinking for those involved with testing, calibration and measurement.

National Conference of Standards Laboratories International 

14-18 July 2013 -- Nashville, Tennessee
3-7 August, 2014 -- Orlando, Florida
19-23 July 2015 -- Dallas, Texas
24-28 July 2016 -- St. Paul, Minnesota
13-17 August 2017 -- Washington, DC

NCSLI, an international organization “Serving the World of Measurement”, offers conferences and workshops throughout North America.

16th International Congress on Metrology 

7-10, October 2013 -- Paris, France

This 3-day conference in Paris provides the opportunity to learn about the latest technical developments in measurement, explore industrial challenges, and develop solutions that enhance innovation and performance. The conference includes a varied program, exhibition, and technical site visits.

International Measurement Confederation 

IMEKO, a non-governmental federation of 38 member organizations that promote the advancement of measurement technology, offers an ongoing program of events in countries around the globe.