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N3522A High-Speed Digital Design Using Advanced Design System (4 Day Course)

4   Days | Classroom Training | Where & When | Advantages of Keysight Training


Designers interested in understanding Channel Simulation, IBIS-AMI models, Allegro/ADS or ODB++/ADS design-flow integration and their application in high-speed system modeling and design. This training class is designed primarily for engineers with limited RF background who are involved in high speed mixed-signal design. Advanced topics are also included for engineers with higher level of expertise. Experience with the Advanced Design System and Allegro is desirable, but not required.


This four day, hands-on course presents the fundamentals of Channel Simulation and IBIS-AMI models using the Advanced Design System (ADS) software. Allegro design-flow integration with ADS, as well as the fundamentals of using Momentum for EM simulations are also covered. This class also presents how to integrate RF circuits on a mixed-signal PCB in Keysight ADS with the Cadence Allegro PCB design flow. Each topic is discussed in detail during an interactive lecture-style session, followed by a hands-on session where the participants individually perform various hands-on simulation exercises during the class.

What you will learn

The course starts with an overview of ADS as applied for High Speed Digital Design, including Transmission line and Cross Talk modeling. It then discusses Convolution and S-Parameter models, along with use of TDR for detecting discontinuities. A full day is dedicated to Channel Simulation including use of IBIS-AMI models. The course concludes with two options depending on the need: Allegro or ODB++ Design Flow; with direct applications in high-speed digital PCB design. This last day also covers EM-simulations using Momentum to characterize the behavior of real world PCB designs imported into ADS.


  •  Good understanding of time-domain and frequency-domain simulation
  •  Some experience in ADS analog-design environment and data-display post-processing is desirable
  •  Some experience in Allegro is desirable


Day1 – Introduction to ADS environment for High Speed Digital design

  • Overview of workspaces, libraries, cells and technologies
  • Creating Symbols and using Dynamic Model Selection
  • Transmission line and Cross Talk modeling

Day 2 – Convolution algorithm and Time domain analysis in ADS

  • Introduction to Convolution Basics
  • Running TDR analysis in ADS
  • Using TDR Front Panel

Day 3 – ADS Channel Simulation for effective system analysis

  • Introduction to Channel simulation using generic Tx and Rx models
  • Channel simulation using IBIS-AMI models

Day 4v1: Allegro Design Flow Integration (ADFI) and Momentum

  • Introduction to ADFI
  • Customization of the ADFI process
  • Momentum setup
  • Placement and Adjustment of ports

Day 4v2: ODB++ Design Flow Integration and Momentum

  • Introduction to ODB++ 
  • ODB++ High Capacity Lay-out Preprocess-Setup and process
  • ADFI Import Tool Add On Setup.
  • Import ADFI export
  • Momentum setup

Where & When

Price Date(s) Location For more information
US$ 2,700 2016-10-18 08:30 — 2016-10-21 17:00
Local Time
Andover, MA - Keysight Technologies  How to Enroll

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