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Optimise UE design for greater battery run-time

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Today’s multi-tasking cellular user equipment (UE) boast powerful processors, incorporate back-lit touch-screen displays, and have amassed multiple radio receivers and transmitters that are sending and receiving data at unprecedented rates. The might and performance of these devices have one common dependency – they rely on limited battery power to keep their users simultaneously informed, entertained, in-touch and happy.

This web seminar will discuss the challenges of verifying battery consumption during different UE operating modes and the tools available to measure the effects in power consumption resulting from the complex interactions between hardware, firmware, operating system and applications. It will evaluate the benefits of test automation including the development of real-world UE usage scenarios to evaluate battery drain rates and battery run down times. With the right tools UE designers can test early and thoroughly, adjusting their design implementation for optimal battery performance bringing smaller, longer running, products to market more quickly and with fewer resources.

Who should attend?

Development and test engineers working on design optimisation and characterisation of cellular user equipment battery performance.

The presenters:

  • Ed Brorein, Application Engineer

Ed BroreinEd received his BSEE from Villanova University in 1979 and MSEE from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1987.

Ed joined Agilent Technologies (at that time, Hewlett Packard) in 1979 and worked as an R&D engineer, manufacturing engineer, and marketing engineer in many various roles and presently as an applications engineer in marketing. All during this time Ed has been actively and deeply involved with the design, engineering, and application of DC power products and components. As one area of focus Ed has been working with mobile device developers helping with the testing of their battery life and power management systems.


  • Gareth Thomas, Product Manager

Gareth ThomasGareth Thomas is the Product Manager for Agilent Technologies’ PXT Wireless Communications Test Set, based in Edinburgh, UK. His role is to develop PXT-based design verification solutions to achieve performance and conformance testing of LTE user equipment.

Gareth has previously worked with various communications technologies, including 2G, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth. Prior to that he was product planner and product manager for RF Power Meters and Noise Figure Analyzer product lines.

Starting his career at Marconi in 1986 in Chelmsford, UK Gareth first became involved in wireless communication technology. He subsequently worked on airborne radar systems in Edinburgh, UK. Throughout his career he has held several positions in Development, Manufacturing and Marketing. Gareth received a masters degree in engineering from Bangor University, UK, and an MBA from Edinburgh University, UK.

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