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Comprehensive mm-Wave Design Solutions for TSMC's 60-GHz CMOS RDK

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Why this webcast is important:
Broadband mm-wave transmission in the 60 GHz range enables WPAN systems with regard to increasing data rates. The use of mm-wave techniques at 60 GHz offers many advantages for short-range systems compared to radio methods at lower frequencies. But for commercial applications, a cost effective process technology along with a state-of-the-art design flow is required. The webcast describes the collaborative efforts between TSMC and Agilent in order to provide a certified millimeter wave-ready RDK (Reference Design Kit) targeting 60-GHz application for the TSMC 65nm process. The TSMC kit was developed using Keysight's simulation and modeling solutions. It provides silicon correlation results; extracted S-parameter models for various interconnects, transmission lines and transformers; simulation test benches, and a flow tutorial that helps customers design high-frequency, high-bandwidth wireless ICs with confidence.

Who should attend:
If you are currently or will soon be designing or verifying 60-GHz radio circuitry in CMOS, this webcast is dedicated to you.

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