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H7215A-121 Line Sweep, Antenna Test Training

2   Days | Classroom Training | Where & When | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Field Service Technicians, Switch Technicians, Design Engineers, Managers/Field Supervisors, Field Engineers, Installers

Fieldfox RF Analyzers

Course Overview

This 2-day course covers the theory and practical return loss and distance-to-fault testing used in installation, maintenance and operation of antenna systems utilizing the Keysight N9330B or N9912A FieldFox. The class will include extensive hands-on exercises including testing cables, connectors and antennas, interpreting results and troubleshooting.

Course Materials Provided

  • Student workbook with presentation materials, notes, tips, techniques, and lab exercises
  • Quick reference cards with standard operating procedures, tips and techniques
  • Keysight equipment for hands-on exercises. However, you are encouraged to bring your own N9330B or N9912A FieldFox so you can train on, configure and save the measurements on the actual instrument you use in the field
  • Upon completion of the course and successful written and practical hands-on evaluation, students will receive a laminated certificate of completion wallet card

What you will Learn

  • Understand the basics of antennas, cables and connectors
  • Set up and operation of the N9330B and N9912A FieldFox
  • Efficiently install and test cables, connectors and antennas
  • Troubleshoot common problems affecting RF transmission
  • Read and interpret sweeping traces and results using the N9330B or N9912A FieldFox
  • Measure effective and center frequencies of antennas
  • Save and store test results on the N9330B or N9912A FieldFox


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Where & When

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Training & Event Materials

Keysight Line Sweep, Antenna Test Training - Data Sheet 
Keysight Line Sweep, Antenna Test Training Data Sheet

Training Materials 2014-07-31