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H7230A #200 i3070 Family Advanced Digital Training

4.5   Days | Classroom Training | Where & When

Audience: Engineers and technicians responsible for developing advanced digital programs on the Keysight 3070 board test system.

What you will Learn

  • Implement combinational testing on the Keysight 3070
  • Simplify complex timing diagrams into easily understood and managed events.
  • Write and debug custom test units
  • Write and debug custom subroutines
  • Use the Pattern Capture Format (PCF) programming language
  • Write and debug digital cluster tests (several devices in one test)
  • Write timing sets to replace VCL subroutines
  • Program FlashRAM on the 3070
  • Program Programmable Logic Devices on the 3070


  • Must have a Keysight or Medalist 3070 or i5000 system with Combinational test licensed (either i5000 Muxed or Unmuxed systems).
  • Completion of the Keysight 3070 Family User Fundamentals Training (H7230A #100) or i5000 Basic User Classes I & II (H7230A #500 & 555)
  • Digital debug experience and / or experience developing custom digital tests


  • Introduction & Preview
  • Review of digital test basics: Vector Control Language (VCL), assignment section, test vectors, test units, test subroutines, the initialize to statement, homingloops, repeat loops, compress / end compress, Cyclic Redundancy Counter (CRC), Pattern Capture · Format (PCF), etc.
  • Write Digital Tests
    · Defining a test strategy
    · Setup-Only libraries
    · Digital Setup Editor
    · Write a test of a Reset Function
    · Convert a data sheet’s complex timing diagram into pseudo-test code, linear test code, test units and subroutines.
    · Turn-on and debug the tests written
    · Experiment with PushButton Debug’s advanced digital test tools
  • Timing Sets
    · Learn to use timing sets
    · Convert a VCL subroutine into a timing set
    · Turn-on and debug, experiment with PushButton Debug
  • Program and Test Non-Volatile memory devices – Flash RAM
    · Overview of how a Flash RAM is programmed on the 3070
    · Develop a test to program and verify the Flash device
    · Discuss the Sequential and Flash programming test techniques
    · Discuss and implement the Flash ISP test techniques
    · Experiment with PushButton Debug using the Flash IPS test.
    · Turn-on, program and debug a FlashRAM test
  • Program and Test Programmable Logic Device with ISP tools
    · Overview of PLD programming on the 3070
    · Discuss the process of generating the required test format (SVF, STAPL, JBC, JTAG, etc.)
    · Discuss the programming of multiple PLDs in a chain
    · Develop, turn-on and debug a PLD ISP test
  • Optional Module: Testing Analog Devices with Digital test tools
    · Use digital tests to test analog devices (e.g.: Op Amps) to improve throughput

Where & When

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