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H7230A #520 i3070 Family Production Support Training

4.5   Days | Classroom Training | Where & When | Advantages of Keysight Training

Class Date Location
Production Support

Mar 9-13, 2020

Cleveland, OH

Audience: Engineers and technicians responsible for maintaining Keysight i3070 test programs on the production line.

New system Technicians and Engineers: Gain an understanding of the Keysight 3070 file structure. Learn the software for defining testhead configuration, run testhead diagnostics and interpret the results. Learn to distinguish the source of test faults (testhead, test program, fixture, manufacturing batch issue, etc. Become familiar with the Keysight 3070's Pushbutton Debug Test Environment. Simulate faults on lab boards and correct errors by using knowledge of Analog Test Debug tools. Become familiar with the fixturing documentation and fixture verification tool set to quickly diagnose and interpret faulty fixture, probe, and/or Board Under Test.

What you will Learn

  • Understand the Keysight i3070 test programs and files and the HFS file structure
  • Understand the fixture reports generated by Fixture Tooling software and use this information when verifying a new fixture or troubleshooting an existing one
  • Recognize the various probe types in fixtures and understand advantages of each
  • Review the concept of adding, removing or replacing fixture wires
  • Run testhead diagnostics
  • Understand the program, "testplan", its layout, how to read the code and modify the code to achieve specific purposes
  • Debug unpowered in-circuit tests using the Keysight Engineer Interface (7.x and newer) and the PushButton Debug interface for pre-7.x software
  • Debug powered in-circuit tests using PushButton Debug
  • Discuss various processes for backup or archive functions


  • A basic understanding of electronics and familiarity with personal computers


  • Introduction to the class
  • Materials Needed for Development
  • Introduction to Keysight 3070 Hardware
  • Run diagnostics
  • Verify vacuum, air and power connections
  • User Basics
  • Introduction to Class Board
  • Overview of Keysight IPG Test Consultant
  • Fixturing
  • Fixture maintenance
  • Fixture probe styles
  • Verify fixturing
  • Replacing fixture test pins
  • Learn to use the older and newer unpowered test debug tools
  • Keysight Engineer Interface (7.0 and newer)
  • PushButton Debug (pre-7.0)
    • Perform and debug Shorts Testing
    • Perform and debug Pins Testing (Continuity test)
    • Perform and debug Analog In-Circuit Test
    • Perform and debug TestJet/VTEP (Vectorless test techniques)
  • Learn the continued use of the PushButton Debug interface for powered testing
    • Perform and debug Digital in-circuit tests
    • Perform and debug powered analog functional tests
  • Properly power down Keysight 3070 testhead and controller
  • Properly boot Keysight 3070 testhead and controller
  • Wrap-up

Where & When

Price Date(s) Location Phone For more information
US$ 2,369 2020-03-09 — 2020-03-13 Cleveland  1 (800) 829-4444 How to Enroll

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