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H7230A #555 i3070 Family Multiplexed User Fundamentals Class II

4.5   Days | Classroom Training | Where & When | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Engineers and technicians responsible for developing test programs on the Keysight 3070 Muxed board test system.

Customer Training Classes
Class Date Location
Fundamentals II Sep 23-27, 2019 Santa Clara, CA
Fundamentals II Oct 7-11, 2019 Santa Clara, CA
Fundamentals II Dec 16-20, 2019 Novi, MI
Fundamentals II Feb 10-14, 2020 Santa Clara, CA
 Fundamentals II May 11-15, 2020  Cleveland, OH


What you will Learn

This class is paired with H7230A #500: i3070 Muxed User Fundamentals Class I.

In Class I, learn to use the standard tools that are readily available on the 3070.

In Class II, learn to customize your tests, generate custom digital test models and receive an introduction to many of the optional test tools available on the 3070. New test program developers: Add a deeper understanding of the 3070’s test development processes. Add the following topics to those of the first class (includes lecture and hands-on labs):

  • Custom Digital library, Custom Powered Analog library, Custom Mixed Signal tests,
  • Custom Digital Cluster; FlashRAM programming & test using Flash70
  • 1149.1 Boundary Scan: Powered Shorts, Incircuit, Integrity, Connect, BusWire, Interconnect and Silicon Nail tests.
  • Plus discussions of Cover Extend Technology (merging Boundary Scan and VTEP) and Advanced I/O (1149.1 Differential Pair & 1149.6 AC coupled) Boundary Scan testing.
  • More advanced and customized test development on the i3070 using Keysight tools
    - Given a CAD translation, complete the board’s description
    - Create several custom libraries for devices and circuits on the board.
    - Generation of test and fixture files.
  • Turn-on and debug unpowered tests with the Keysight Engineer Interface: (Pins, Shorts, Analog Incircuit and TestJet).
  • Turn-on and debug powered tests using PushButton Debug: (Power Supply setup, Digital Incircuit, your custom library tests, Boundary Scan tests including Incircuit, Interconnect, Connect, Powered Shorts, BusWire and Silicon Nail.

Following this class, programmers should turn on a few printed circuit board tests, then return for the Advanced Class (H7230A#200) to learn to program more complex digital devices and to test powered analog devices with digital test tools (much faster and still accurate tests).


  • H7230A #500: i3070 Muxed User Fundamentals Class I .


  • Reinforce learning of the develop process.
  • Write custom digital libraries for devices that do not have Keysight libraries
  • Write a custom digital cluster test library in the PCF language
  • Write mixed signal libraries for devices that do not have Keysight libraries
  • Turn-on and debug each unpowered test type using Keysight’s Engineer Interface
  • Learn concepts of powered tests: Mixed Signal, Digital Cluster, Boundary Scan...
  • Turn-on and debug the powered tests using Keysight’s PushButton Debug Interface
  • Learn more about the Engineering Change Order and the process to follow
  • Manually develop a test for a very small board to see the process and introduce some alternate development tools.

Where & When

Price Date(s) Location Phone For more information
US$ 2,369 2019-09-23 — 2019-09-27 Santa Clara, CA - Keysight Technologies    How to Enroll
US$ 2,369 2019-10-07 — 2019-10-11 Santa Clara, CA - Keysight Technologies    How to Enroll
US$ 2,369 2019-12-16 — 2019-12-20 Novi, MI  1 (800) 829-4444 How to Enroll
US$ 2,369 2020-02-10 — 2020-02-14 Santa Clara, CA - Keysight Technologies    How to Enroll
US$ 2,369 2020-05-11 — 2020-05-15 Cleveland  1 (800) 829-4444 How to Enroll

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