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IoT Devices Measurement Insights

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IoT Devices Measurement Insights - Agenda
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Welcome & Overview – Keysight
Battery Current Drain Analysis
Lunch Break
Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Tools                  
Networking and Refreshment Break
Wireless Test Solutions: focus on communication and EMI/EMC
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Papers & Abstracts

Welcome & Opening: Keysight IoT Seminar

“Keysight enables Insight into the Design, Development and Validation of IoT devices.” 

Keysight's Internet of Things (IoT) Seminar addresses the rising challenges facing IoT device designers and developers at component, circuit and system levels with reliable and accurate test and measurement solutions, enabling faster time-to-market and successful implementations.

Focus sessions feature Keysight’s leading-edge solutions covering simulation to validation, and test considerations which might help save time and cost. Technology Booths run throughout the seminar to provide engineers the opportunity to interact with Keysight’s experts so that they can understand and help you with your IoT design, test and measurement needs.”

Battery Current Drain Analysis

“Insight into low power and energy efficient devices with the N6705B DC Power Analyzer and CX3300 Device Current Waveform Analyzer.”

Simple devices like sensors are often battery or self-powered and have limited energy storage. They should have lifetimes extending into years. To understand the energy consumption of such devices, one needs to consider the power management and complex interaction of the different components and modules. To optimize battery life, it is important to know the current draw and duration of operating modes.

A key challenge is to measure current draws spanning a wide dynamic range, from nA in sleep mode to hundreds of mA in active mode. To predict lifetime and thermal control requirements it is necessary to conduct systematic energy analysis to optimize hardware and software performance. This is essential for real-life operation where environmental, (temperature etc.) and network conditions, (atmospheric attenuation etc.) can significantly decrease device operating life time.

Signal Integrity (SI) & Power Integrity (PI) Tools

“Insight into SI/PI with Infiniium Oscilloscopes & find SI Problems faster through TDR/TDT”

SI can be categorised into four groups: issues related to one net, coupling between multiple nets, power and ground paths in power distribution network (PDN), and electromagnetic interference (EMI). As semiconductor technology advances with smaller gate or channel length and faster switching, SI issues are inevitable as rise-times decrease and clock frequencies increase. Tolerance for SI issues like crosstalk reduces for low power circuits. PI is the analysis of how effectively power is converted and delivered from the source to the load within a system. With the drive towards lower power electronics, DC supply voltages and tolerances have reduced.

To ensure clean power rails, supply lines need to be examined for quality and integrity. The challenge is to measure ever smaller and faster AC signals riding on top of their DC supplies. With increased functionality, higher density, higher speed and lower power electronics, SI and PI issues are becoming more common. Using system modelling and simulation tools to predict performance, complemented by measurement tools to evaluate implementations, enables teams to reduce project risk and time-to-market.

Wireless Test Solutions: Focus on communication and EMI/EMC

“Insight into IoT enabling wireless technologies and multi-standard devices with Keysight’s wireless test solutions.”

To serve the diverse nature and needs of IoT applications, numerous wireless technologies and standards have emerged. Varied networks are able to support applications ranging from simple battery-powered sensors to the high-bandwidth, mission-critical services for autonomous cars. As more devices need to support multiple standards, testing these devices becomes increasingly complex. In this presentation we will look at the different measurement solutions to handle those challenges.

Another discussion topic is the EMI/EMC measurement challenges.

With the high density of IoT connected devices, wireless technologies sharing similar frequency bands can cause co-channel and adjacent channel interference with each other. An increasingly large number of IoT devices use the unlicensed Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) frequency band. For instance, the 2.4GHz ISM band used by cordless phones, wireless video cameras, microwave ovens, wearable devices is getting crowded. It is critical that devices be thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet network requirements and regulatory standards, as well as having the capability to operate in this dense signal environment. This includes meeting conformance and compliance standards. To make compliance certification measurements, solutions that comply with the requirements of the respective standard are required.


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Where & When

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2018-07-25 Chennai, India English Register here
2018-10-04 Minsk, Belarus Russian Register here
2018-11-29 Tomsk, Russia Russian Register here