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H7218X-100 Instrument Control for Test Engineers Course

2   Days | Classroom Training | Advantages of Keysight Training

Audience: Test engineers and technicians who need to automate the test & measurement process in either production or research environments.

If you are in manufacturing or in a research institute and your job requires you to build an automated production test system or an automated data acquisition measurement system, this is the course you should attend.

The Instrument Control for Test Engineer course teaches you the essential knowledge needed for you to get started with programming instruments for automation. It will provide you with hands-on practical lessons for you to experience and appreciate programming instrumentation.

It begins with the introduction to remote programming of instruments; this will serve as a guide to the most effective technique for your applications development. The following topics include instrument interface for remote programming. Here the popular IEE-488.2 and RS-232 communication standard are illustrated. For those who need to directly communicate with the instrumentation, the Standard Commands for Programming Instrumentation (SCPI) to control test equipment will be covered.

The VXIbus, which is the popular industrial standard for development of test & measurement systems, will be introduced here. The VXIbus, the architecture, addressing and configuration of this standard will be covered.

What you will Learn

  • Hands-on labs with Keysight instruments are included to reinforce the students' understanding of the concepts.
  • The labs use various programming languages like Keysight VEE, and Visual Basic for demonstrate their pros and cons for instrument control.


  • General knowledge on test and measurement instrument and programming languages like C and Basic.


  • Day 1
    • Introduction to Remote Control of Instrument
    • Introduction to GPIB
    • Lab: GPIB I/O monitoring using HP VEE
    • Lab: Common commands using HP Basic
    • Introduction to SICL
    • Lab: Program the GPIB instrument
  • Day 2
    • Introduction to VISA
    • Introduction to VXIbus
    • Lab: Instrument Control with Visual Basic

Training & Event Materials

Instrument Control for Test Engineers Course 

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