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Automotive RF/MW System Verification and Troubleshooting Tests Webcast

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The intelligent and connected car is no longer a futuristic concept. With each new model launched, leading automobile manufacturers are pushing out increasingly sophisticated navigation, safety and infotainment features. Artificial intelligence is taking root in newer generation automotive, with feeds from radar, LIDAR, video camera, various sensors and various communication networks.

This is an exciting time for electronic engineers working on automotive electronics, but there are technical challenges to realize these advanced technologies. This webcast will examine the RF and microwave (uW MW) systems in the car and the challenges to verify their operation and troubleshoot faulty issues.



Rolland Zhang, Global Product Manager, Keysight Technologies

Rolland Zhang is a global product manager for Keysight’s FieldFox RF handheld analyzers, based in Santa Rosa, California. Rolland has over 20 years of experience with RF/MW and in the wireless communications industry in the areas of wireless communication infrastructure, installation, maintenance, network engineering, optimization, and troubleshooting. He is currently responsible for developing the industry-leading FieldFox RF/MW handheld instruments for wireless and aerospace/defense communications.

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