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Device and Material Characterization from DC to Millimeter-wave and THz Webcast

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From stealth materials to dielectric substrates, microwave food products to biofuels, accurate characterization of their electromagnetic properties from DC to THz frequencies provide engineers with critical information needed for material and circuit design, modeling, new material research, health and safety, manufacturing, quality control, and more. Many measurement methods exist, but which to choose is often a mystery. This webcast provides an overview of measurement methods, with strengths, limitations and applications of each.


Michael Ballou, Senior Applications Engineer/Specialist

Based in Andover, Massachusetts, Mike Ballou is a Senior Applications Engineer/Specialist in the Aerospace and Defense Industry group, Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern New Hampshire University. Before joining Keysight in 2000 Mike developed microwave materials and test solutions for the Aircraft industry.

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