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H7215A/B-303 Noise Figure Measurements

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Audience: Test engineers and technicians

This course introduces the principles of Noise Figure Measurements, and trains operators in the use of the NFA series of noise figure analyzers to maximize application performance.

This course is part of Keysight Technologies' Accelerated Education RF and Microwave Fundamentals Curriculum. The RF and Microwave Fundamentals Curriculum is designed to quickly give you the expertise you need to solve measurement problems effectively and efficiently. The courses in this curriculum are the same ones Keysight uses to train newly hired engineers and engineers who are changing jobs within the company.

What you will Learn

  • Describe the basics of noise processes in devices
  • Understand how the NFA series of noise figure analyzers measures the noise figure of two-port devices
  • Understand frequency converting noise figure measurements and the differences between single sideband and double sideband measurements
  • Operate the NFA series of noise figure analyzers using front panel control of the measurement calibration, measurement and data output process
  • Understand how to avoid measurement errors, reduce unavoidable errors, and quantify the uncertainties that remain


  • Basic RF measurement concepts and terminology


  • Introduction
  • Noise Basics
  • Noise Figure Fundamentals
  • How to Measure Noise Figure
  • Introduction to the NFA Series of Noise Figure Analyzers
  • Two-Port (Non-Frequency-Converting) Measurements
  • Frequency-converting measurements
  • Introduction and Lab Exercises
    • Lab 1: Non-Frequency-Converting Measurements
    • Lab 2: Frequency-Converting Measurements
  • For complete course details, click on the Education Datasheet below

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