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Addressing Multi-Channel Synchronization for MIMO and Beamforming Test Webcast

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Understand the importance of cross-channel synchronization and calibration in modern wireless communication systems that implement multi-antenna transmission techniques. To improve wireless communications data rates and signal quality, enhanced multi-antenna techniques such as spatial multiplexing MIMO and beamforming are becoming a more common requirement for many modern communications standards like 802.11n, 802.11ac, 3GPP LTE, 4G LTE-Advanced, and even 5G massive MIMO which is still being defined. As the number of antennas grow and beamforming is added, the verification tests become more complicated. This webcast provides an overview of different multi-antenna transmission techniques and describes the critical tests needed to verify beamforming in the RF antenna design.


Engineers and managers involved in the design of tests for LTE-A compatible devices.


Sheri DeTomasi, Program Manager, Keysight Technologies

Sheri is a Program Manager responsible for LTE/LTE-Advanced Multi-channel applications marketing for the modular solutions organization. In her 30 years at Keysight, HP, and, Agilent Technologies, Sheri has held a variety of positions in production engineering, quality, technical support, and product marketing. 20 plus years have been focused on modular platforms including PXI, AXIe, VXI, and proprietary modular platforms. In 2012/13 she managed the product marketing team to introduce Agilent’s first RF PXI Source and Analyzer that is used for LTE-A multi-channel applications.

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Addressing Multi-Channel Synchronization for MIMO and Beamforming Test Webcast Slides 
Slides from the April 28, 2015 webcast

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