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RF System Design, Prototype & Production With X-Parameters in One Pass Webcast

1   Hour | Интернет-трансляция - записи | Где и когда


This webcast introduces the methodology of using modular RF/Microwave system components called X-MWblocks to design, simulate and build RF/Microwave production systems in one pass with no iterations. X-MWblocks are drop-in system components (amps, mixers, filters, etc.) designed around a complete "open standard" system called X-MWsystem. The components are designed on a grid with common launch geometries and can easily be interconnected with or without solder. They are accurately characterized at their reference planes for their nonlinear behavior with X-Parameters, so that they can be cascaded for accurate simulation and then in hardware for implementation. A bolt-in 50GHz high performance X-MWprobe enables convenient hardware measurements during development and production. You will learn how to access and use this innovative design methodology and online simulator by attending this webcast.

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RF and Microwave System and Circuit Designers


John Richardson, President and Founder, X-Microwave, LLC.

John worked at Wenzel Associates as Vice President and Chief Design Engineer for 25 years. John designed Low Phase Noise Crystal Oscillators and custom Integrated Microwave Assemblies for Military and Space applications. A notable design was the Frequency Synthesizer Assembly for the Terminal Descent Radar for the latest Mars Rover “Curiosity” Mission. Prior to joining Wenzel Associates in 1988, John completed his BSEE from Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana. 


Ray Page, Chief Technology Officer, X-Microwave, LLC.

Ray's design experience spans hardware and software relating to RF and microwave, video processing, and system control. He holds several patents covering remote computing over gigabit fiber and a grayscale extension algorithm for RGB LCD displays. Early in his career, Ray spent seven years at Wenzel Associates. He credits his time working under Charles Wenzel where he designed low phase noise RF devices as having the largest influence on his career.

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