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Successful Modulation Analysis in 3 Steps Webcast

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Wireless system design and troubleshooting is an increasingly challenging task. Signals are complex, standards are demanding, and the environment is crowded with dynamic signals—leading to problems with interference and impairments.

The 3 step approach described in this webcast has proven effective in design and troubleshooting of wireless systems and becomes even more useful as the task gets more complex and tools evolve to include real time analysis and signal capture.

This webcast will use measurement examples to describe a straightforward process for understanding signal behavior, finding problems, identifying their causes, and the best ways to optimize performance. The 3 step approach is particularly effective at identifying problems early and helping avoid surprises, delays, embarrassments, and rework.


Engineers or engineering managers involved in the development and troubleshooting of complex communications, radar or EW waveforms who need to understand the signal’s spectral , modulation and timing characteristics.


Ben Zarlingo, Application Specialist, Agilent Technologies

Ben Zarlingo is an Applications Specialist working with Agilent Technologies’ signal analysis operation. He is primarily focused on signal analysis at RF through millimeter frequencies, including the characterization of wideband digitally modulated signals and optimizing measurements for sensitivity and low noise.

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Slides from the Januar 22, 2014 webcast

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