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Network Analysis Back to Basics Webcast

1   Hour | Интернет-трансляция - записи | Где и когда


RF and microwave circuit design is becoming more complex. RF/Microwave engineers need to accurately and efficiently characterize and validate components such as amplifiers, filters, cables, and antennas or circuits that consist of these components. The Network Analyzers are invaluable for these measurements. This webcast will cover the principles of measuring both active and passive devices with Network Analyzers and walk through a few RF Fundamentals such as Transmission Lines and Smith charts, leading to the concepts of reflection, transmission, S-parameters, time domain, measurement calibrations and the basic architecture of Network Analyzers.


RF/Microwave design, test and validation engineers who need to characterize and validate passive or active components such as amplifiers, filters, cables, and antennas or circuits that consist of these components. 


Mike Knowles, Senior RF/uW Applications Engineer, Agilent Technologies

Mike is a senior applications engineer responsible for providing professional services in the RF/microwave test and measurement solutions and consulting business for aerospace/defense customers primarily working satellite programs throughout the U.S. He is also responsible for providing these same services for other customers in the commercial sector. Mike specializes in RF/microwave equipment such as surveillance systems, vector signal analyzers, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, and signal sources including complex arbitrary waveform generators. He writes proposals, specifications, and provides technical presentations for custom solutions such as complex stimulus/response systems, custom RF switch matrices, and other RF/microwave solutions. Software development skills include Microsoft Visual Studio.NET (Visual Basic.NET, C#.NET), Agilent VEEPro and National Instrument’s LabView. Mike also teaches technical training classes covering various RF/microwave test equipment and topics.

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