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Wide Bandgap (GaN & SiC) Power Semiconductor Device Measurements

1   Hour | Интернет-трансляция | Где и когда


Wide band gap power devices (such as those constructed from gallium nitride or silicon carbide) offer significant benefits over powerdevices fabricated from silicon. The key benefits of wide band gap power devices include: higher operating temperature, higher operating voltage, higher operating frequencies and lower power loss (lower on resistance).


These features translate into the following advantages for solid-state power circuit design: 

  • Improved conversion efficiency due to reduced switching and conduction loss, higher operating voltages and currents, and higher operating frequencies.
  • Lighter weight due to higher permissible operating temperatures and reductions in the required cooling system size.


However, while wide bandgap devices offer many performance benefits they also present many characterization challenges including:

  •  Measurement of currents of >100 A
  • Measurement of voltages of >3,000 V
  • Accurate sub-milliohm on-resistance measurement
  • Quantitative gallium nitride current collapse measurement
  • Junction capacitance measurement at thousands of volts of DC bias


In this webcast Keysight Technologies will explain new measurement techniques, technologies and equipment that can meet the tough characterization challenges presented by wide band gap high power semiconductor devices. Learn how to make real time IV measurements on Power Devices at up to 1.5 kA and up to 10 kV. The Webcast also includes GaN current collapse measurements which are essential for device development and manufacturing process optimisation.


Who should attend:

Engineers, scientists and researchers involved with the characterization and measurement of high-power semiconductor devices (especially wide band gap materials such as gallium nitride and silicon carbide) would benefit from attending this webcast.This would include: material scientists, device engineers, process engineers, RF power amplifier designers and hybrid drive automotive engineers.


Presenter: Stewart Wilson

Dr. Stewart Wilson holds both BSc and PhD degrees in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland UK.

Dr Wilson has worked in Semiconductor and Semiconductor related activities since 1979. He has worked for Semiconductor manufacturers Motorola and National Semiconductor as well as Semiconductor equipment suppliers Eaton Corporation and Hewlett Packard/Keysight Technologies in both Europe and the United States.

Dr. Wilson is currently the European Business Manager for Keysight Technologies range of Parametric Test Equipment.

Где и когда

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2013-09-26 10:30
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