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Calibration Webcast Series

1   Hour | Интернет-трансляция

In principle, calibration is the periodic process of ensuring your instruments meet warranted specifications. In practice, the actual deliverables vary significantly between calibration labs, enough so that your instruments may not meet the specifications you rely on for PASS/FAIL decisions regarding your process or product. This series helps non-metrologists painlessly climb the learning curve as we examine the key concepts of relevant calibration standards without getting mired in details, so that you will know what to ask for, what to expect, and why it matters, when you evaluate who to choose for instrument calibration.

Three upcoming webcasts:

Calibration: Why it matters to you and what it should include

On demand November 8, 2012 16:00 CET 

When it comes to quantifying instrument or system performance, engineers and metrologists are trying to answer the same question: "How accurate is this measurement?" Although the goal is the same, they use different words to express what they're doing.

In a conversational style, this webinar will cover the key requirements specified in international standards, the key deliverables that fully document the calibration process, and the value of these things relative to the measurements your company counts on. Afterwards, you will be able to evaluate the calibration reports from any cal provider to determine how well they measured the actual performance of the instrument on which you rely.


Calibration Traceability and Standards Compliance

On demand  December 13, 2012 16:00 CET 

We will show how proper calibration ensures that your measurements can be traced back to the international system of units (SI Units). Next, while ISO/IEC 17025 is an important standard for calibration, it is by no means the only standard to follow for proper calibrations. We will provide an easy-to-follow overview of the key requirements that affect calibration for the following standards:

•ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories
•JCGM 100:2008 Guide for Expression of Uncertainty of Measurements
•ILAC-G8 Guidelines on Assessment and Reporting of Compliance with Specification
•ILAC-P14 Policy for Uncertainty in Calibration
•ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 (R2002) rescinded 2007
•ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006 Requirements for the calibration of Measuring and Test Equipment
•ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems requirements

De-Mystifying Calibration Accreditation

On demand January 15, 2013 16:00 CET 

If two calibration laboratories are both accredited do they have the same quality? Is an “accredited calibration” different from getting a calibration from an “accredited laboratory”? What is the risk to you if you order a calibration from a lab and some of the measurements are outside their published “scope-of-accreditation”? Unfortunately, accreditation is often a source of confusion for many people, but it doesn’t have to be! We will de-mystify accreditation, answer these questions, and provide you with a clear understanding on how to determine what you should look for in an accredited calibration lab.



This webcast series is for anyone responsible for ensuring the credibility of measurements that are used for performance testing of end-products.

Calibration is the periodic process of ensuring your instruments meet warranted specifications. Apart from metrologists, almost no one (engineers, technicians, purchasing professionals) receives any formal training in the science of instrument calibration.

This webcast series will help non-metrologists climb the learning curve painlessly. We'll cover the key concepts of relevant calibration standards without getting mired in the details. At the end, you will know what to ask for, what to expect, and why, when you evaluate who to choose for instrument calibration.



Bob Stern, Senior Metrologist, Keysight Technologies

Bob's education includes BSEE and MSEE degrees from the University of Wisconsin. He has worked for six HP/Keysight divisions, including a 2.5 year assignment in Europe, and has served as an applications programmer and product marketing manager for spectrum analyzers, RF & microwave sources, noise-figure meters, and phase-noise measurement systems. Since 2003, Bob has represented Keysight on several calibration standards committees at NCSLI; recently, he was voted co-chair of the NCSL 174 Standards Writing Committee. He is currently leading efforts to align Keysight's calibration service deliverables with ISO 17025, ILAC-G8, ILAC-P14 and ANSI Z540.3.

The same series is available at 10am Pacific time: click here  for more information

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Calibration Traceability and Standards Compliance Webcast Slides 
Slides from the December 13, 2012 webcast

Материалы семинаров 2012-12-13

De-Mystifying Calibration Accreditation Webcast slides 
De-Mystifying Calibration Accreditation Webcast slides

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