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EMC Training Course

Seminar | Where & When

Learn about EMC measurements, common issues and pitfalls that you should be aware of and how to make cost-effective pre-compliance EMC measurements in your own lab.
John Davies’ EMC Seminars give you training and insight from an expert who has spent over 20 years in EMC test labs. John has been instrumental in building several laboratories and has ‘seen it and done it’ in terms of achieving EMC compliance. His EMC Goggles course is all about passing on that experience with all the complexities thrown aside and presented in an easy to understand way.
Also presenting at this workshop, EMSCAN will show you 'Very-Near-Field solutions for Far-Field Problems' that can save you hours of time and money by making measurements on your bench that traditionally could only be made in a large chamber.

Keysight Technologies
Unit 610, Wharfedale Road,
IQ Winnersh,
Wokingham, Berkshire
RG41 5TP

Schedule and Topics

8.45 Registration
9.15 Introduction
9.25 EMC Training (John Davies, Consultant, EMC Goggles) – Part 1
- The EMC Directive (an overview)
- Understanding EMC (see the interference!)
- EMC Design (the components are everywhere)
10:45 Tea/Coffee
11.05 EMC Training (John Davies, Consultant, EMC Goggles) – Part 2
12.45 Lunch and Demo Stations
13.45 EMSCAN: Very-Near-Field solutions for Far-Field Problems (Stephane Attal, CEO, EMSCAN)
- 1 Hour in a chamber or 1 Second with EMSCAN
15.15 Tea/Coffee
15:35 New insights into EMC diagnosis using real-time spectrum analysis (Colville Crookes, Application Engineer, Keysight)
17:00 Closing words and Demo Stations


Where & When

Date(s) Location For more information
2014-03-05 Keysight Technolgies, Winnersh Register Here
2014-03-06 Keysight Technolgies, Winnersh Registration Full