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Mixed Signal Testing Challenges in FPGA-based Radar Systems

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Why this webcast is important:
Reconfigurable radar systems employ digital technology in the form of FPGAs and DSPs. That digital technology is combined with RF technology to achieve a high level of flexibility which is required to move between different types of waveforms and configurations found in today's demanding radar applications. It is no surprise that the baseband engineering team has traditionally used different design methods and a different set of test tools than has the RF team. The combined use of these different technologies has created significant system integration testing challenges. 

This webcast describes an approach for addressing these challenges with an integrated simulation & measurement solution. Such a solution can help radar systems integrators successfully design, validate and debug their design. This approach allows Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) measurements of radar transmitter or receiver paths to occur both virtually and physically. Measurements can be performed with logic analyzers on FPGA hardware, with oscilloscopes for analog IF or RF, and with spectrum analyzers along the RF exciter and receiver chains. All three types of instruments integrate with a common analysis environment of VSA and design software to help designers pinpoint issues that might exist at any point along the mixed signal chain, ultimately speeding successful system integration. 

Who should attend:
Systems Engineers responsible for the integration of reconfigurable radar systems. Can also include FPGA or DSP hardware designers responsible for the digital baseband section of such radar systems, or RF engineers who must work together with the baseband team to verify the total design.

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