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Radar Pulse Measurements using NEW Peak Power Analyzer

1   Hour | Webcast - recorded | Where & When

8990B Peak Power Analyser

Pulse measurements on time domain analysis has been critical part of Radar, EW (Electronic Warfare) systems design & manufacturing. Modern radar pulse measurements have historically presented many challenges for the design engineer, production test manager and field technician. The new 8990B Peak Power Analyzer (PPA) will help you to address these challenges.

The seminar will highlight some of the instrument key features as well as illustrating how the new peak power analyzer is used to perform efficient pulse characterisation (rise/fall time, pulse droop, pulse delay, duty cycle, etc) in applications such as: Transponder Test Set Validation, Power Amplifier / TWT Design Testing, Radar Pulse Parameters Measurement in Transmitter and Receiver, TR (Transceiver) Module Test and more.

The new 8990A has higher performance coupled with more features offering better value. The 8990B PPA has a 15” color LCD with the capability of measuring 5nsec pulse rise/fall time, besides the other 14 points pulse parameter analysis (pulse top, pulse droop, pulse width, PRI, PRF, etc). The PPA provides the user with oscilloscope-like interface, intuitively making the pulse measurement easy.


Who should attend?

R&D/System/Test engineers, professors and student involved or interested in pulse characterisation.


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