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Innovations in EDA: High Performance Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) for Wideband Systems

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eda webcastWhy this Webcast is important:
Requirements for wideband and ultra-wideband wireless communications continue to push the boundaries of state of the art electronics. High power amplifiers are being pushed to higher levels of performance as mobile communications devices continue to operate at higher frequencies and significantly higher bandwidths. Mobile 4G standards like LTE and LTE-Advanced as well as shorter range WPAN systems like 802.11ac are driving the need for higher performance data converters and measurement systems along with more predictive modeling and design automation tools that can help uncover design performance issues in wideband, digitally pre-distorted systems. This webcast will explore a model-based design, validate, and test methodology for wideband digital pre-distortion systems, exploring the challenges associated with power amplification of 802.11ac and LTE-Advanced signals. We will show examples of digitally pre-distorted wideband signals being applied to highly accurate PA device models and actual PA measurements to demonstrate how a model based approach can be applied to the predictive design of such systems.

Who should view this Webcast:
During this webcast, PA device and module designers, algorithm developers, RF systems engineers, and baseband hw designers who are working on digital pre-distortion (DPD) systems, will learn about the latest solutions and techniques for wideband digital pre-distortion design (DPD), validation, and test.

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High Performance Digital Pre-Distortion for Wideband Systems 
Innovations in EDA Webcast Series presentation given on September 1, 2011.

Seminar Materials 2011-09-01